Hiero Day 2013: THANK YOU

"I love y'all, you know I love y'all...I'm standing onstage,but not above y'all" - Pep Love...

Congrats to my folks @therealhierocrew for another dope day in the city of Oakland. Thank you to all those in attendance for coming in peace & showing respect to & for each other.The folks that worked/volunteered/performed/vended/skated. Linden Street brewery & the businesses that allowed the event to take place in our community. This event could not have happened without 2 people @agirlfromoak & @domoarifoto who crushed the coordination of #hieroday. Show them some love. 

- Tim-House (via Instagram)

Hiero Day 2013 was a huge success yesterday, with amazing performances and a great crowd in Oakland, CA. Stay tuned for recap photos and videos that will be released soon. Thank you to all those who came and contributed to the community event!

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